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New York has 21 stations offering E85

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Long Island is receiving it's first opportunity to purchase E85 and B100 as well as other alternative fuels thanks to entrepreneur Carl Vogel and his upcoming Vogelbilt stations.

What makes this very sweet is his stations main focus is bio fuels not as just another pump choice, but rather as the main pump choice .

This is true competition that makes Oil nervous ..congratulations to Mr Vogel .

The State also runs 5 E85 Fuel depots at various private government locations.

New York Governor Pataki has joined the Governors' Ethanol Coalition . This should be a strong signal that New York is getting serious about promoting Ethanol use including E85.

New York is expected to have 3 Ethanol plants producing Ethanol  by June of 2006.


E85 is 85% Ethanol and 15% petroleum

Print a map to gas stations selling E85 from map quest.

E85 Stations in New York Total = 21

City Name Address
Albany Campus Mobil Western Ave
Albany Village Mobil 88 Wolf Rd
Ballston Spa Runway Express 1402 Saratogo Road
Clifton Park Cumberland Farms 1032 Route 146
Fairport Di Primas Fairport Mobil 1311 Fairport Rd
Glenmont Cumberland Farms 430 Route 9W
Glenville Mobil Mart 245 Saratoga Road
Albany Campus Mobil Western Ave
 Hannacroix New Baltimore Travel Plaza  Exit 21B Coxsackie
Henrietta Fastrac Market 4200 West Henrietta
Lake George Mobil 3624 Senate Route 9
Lindenhurst Citgo 1020 Route 109
Massapequa Mcbirneys Auto Service 720 Broadway
Queensbury Cumberland Farms 110 Main Street
Rochester Fastrac 4200 W Henrietta Rd
Rochester Teggs 671 Brooks Ave
Rochester Campus Mobil Western Ave
Rotterdam Cumberland Farms 511 Duanesburg Road
Saratoga Springs Mobil on The Run 177 South Broadway
Spencerport Don & Hollys 5021 Ridge Road West
Spring Valley Sunoco 298 N Main St
Tonawanda Wilsons Farm 1060 Niagra Falls Blvd
West Babylon Vogelbilt 1200 Wellwood Ave

E85 Gas Stations in New York

2004 0

2005 0

2006 1

2007 2      

2008  18

Print a map to gas stations selling E85 from map quest.

Our e85 list is always in flux , if you know of an e85 station in New York that is not on our list please share it on our forum Planet E85

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